a whole country asks not to buy

Amazon is in the middle of a country’s discussion about the effects of shopping on the platform next Christmas.

“Dear Santa Claus, this year we are committing ourselves to a # NoëlSansAmazon (#NoelSinAmazon),” the petition reads.

The company earned $ 6.3 billion in the third quarter of the year, the most in its 26-year history.

Christmas It is the last season of the year in which brands have the opportunity to recover the losses they have suffered in the middle of the contingency. Although an entire country considers that Amazon It should not be considered in Christmas shopping.

Groups of French environmentalists, politicians and personalities, signed a petition on Tuesday in which agree not to buy Christmas gifts on Amazon: “Dear Santa Claus, this year we are committing ourselves to a # NoëlSansAmazon (#NoelSinAmazon)”. This kind of Christmas Boycott against Amazon arises in France, where there is a clear request to consume in other stores, except in the e-retailer and there are reasons for this.

This petition follows an opinion forum signed by politicians, trade unionists, booksellers and publishers who call for an exceptional tax to be applied to Amazon sales and highlight the need to “urgently stop the expansion of the internet giant.”

The shops in the streets closed their doors, while Amazon recruited more than 400,000 workers and earned $ 6.3 billion during the third trimester, the most in its 26-year history, record earnings for the second consecutive quarter and forecast an increase in sales for the holiday season.

During the third quarter of the year, it had sales of $ 96.1 billion, more than the average analyst estimate of $ 92.7 billion, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

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That is why in France they ask that the company not continue to enrich, since they propose negative consequences from the social, fiscal and environmental point of view. Faced with the “digital bandits”, the organizations ask their Government for laws that “benefit our economy and not the delusional fortune of Jeff Bezos” (creator of Amazon).

They also demand the prohibition of the installation of new Amazon warehouses and laws that “Put an end to unfair competition and tax injustice between digital behemoths and physical and local businesses”.

“It is not only a call not to buy on Amazon, it is also a positive request for the benefit of local merchants and a more sustainable e-commerce,” declared environmental sensitivity deputy Matthieu Orphelin.

The response of Amazon’s management in France is to say to the critics that in the last 10 years it created 9,300 direct jobs.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, confinement drove the closing of 32,493 businesses in Mexico City alone until September, according to the private initiative. The figure is almost five times that reported by the CDMX Economic Development Secretariat (Sedeco), which in March, when the National Healthy Distance Day began, registered 7,000 establishments created.

The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in CDMX (CanacoCDMX), conducted a survey in which it estimates that at the end of the year 37,800 bankrupt businesses accumulate in the capital of the country. The survey predicts that by the end of November, the figure will be 34,400 establishments lost.