Amazon Music: A way to listen to good streaming music that not many know about | INSTAGRAM

Some time ago people used to download songs to carry them on an MP3 player or on the same mobile phone, however, with the appearance of platforms like Spotify, this is very rare to happen.

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All this thanks to the fact that the time you could spend downloading music and take up space on your phone you could use it to meet new songs with these applications save us all this and have everything in one place and much better if we have wifi in our homes.

Thanks to the great success of Spotify, many are limited to using it and have ignored the appearance or existence of other platforms that also stream music, trying to be their competition but without success.

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A clear example is Amazon Music or YouTube Music, who are a bit hidden and unused. However, the great connoisseurs will know that just paying Amazon Prime, Amazon’s paid service, will include Amazon Music, as well as Prime video, two services for the price of one.

Included in the Prime subscription, this platform gives us access to more than 2 million songs that we can listen to without advertising, with the option of downloading them so that we can listen to them when we do not have an Internet connection. Today we explain how Amazon Music works and the options it offers.

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There are two options to access Amazon Music: On your PC or through the app available for Android and IOS. Already having it installed, it asks you for access through your Amazon Prime account.

Being already on the platform, you will have many, many, options. The famous EXPLORE option at the start, where the news of the week, the most popular songs and playlists are published, among users and more.

Something very curious and above all important is the stations section, where there is the option of listening to music of the genre that you like the most without interruption. This section seems to be one of the best it has because in it you will discover high quality music of your total liking.

In case you are guided in your mood there is also the option: « All moods and genres » with which you can filter the type of playlist you are looking for at any time, even to do the cleaning, a quite option Useful.

Now you know, if you are a fan of music you will surely be satisfied with this new way of listening to it. Remember that all this with the same payment that you make for the AMazon Prime video, also receiving benefits on Twitch and of course on your online purchases.