Fyodor Smolov, Celta forward, took advantage of the achievement of the permanence of the Vigo team in Barcelona, ​​after drawing against Espanyol, toto go out through Barcelona to celebrate it. During the night, the Russian battering ram suffered a robbery, in which They stole a watch valued at 300,000 euros.

This information published by El Caso dates back to July 19, the day that Celta closed its continuity in the Santander League. The Galicians were worth a 0-0 draw at the Espanyol stadium and Smolov did not miss the opportunity to celebrate that the team achieved the long-suffering permanence.

In that night, Smolov went out through the Olympic Port with several friends. At one point in the morning, a group of young people surrounded the Celta striker and stole his watch that he wore on his wrist, being valued at 300,000 euros. Subsequently, the forward filed a complaint with the police.