Most of the parishioners turned to social networks and other media to celebrate the start of Easter from their homes


America began the Easter week with a Palm Sunday absent from parishioners in temples and on the streets, but with a large audience in media such as television and social networks, from where the thousands of Catholics of the “continent of hope” asked for those affected by the coronaviris that in the region it already leaves more than 350,000 infections and almost 11,000 deaths, the vast majority in the US, followed by Brazil.

The pandemic caused by the disease of the COVID-19 has upset all traditions, and even the Easter week, the greatest event of the Christian year, has had to adapt to this circumstance so that the millions of American believers celebrate it without exposing themselves to the “ordeal” of the virus.

Pope Francis himself, just as he did at the blessing of the “Urbi et Orbi” on March 27, presided over an empty St. Peter’s Square in Rome Palm Sunday in the Vatican, in which he assured that “the drama we are going through forces us to take seriously what counts, not to lose ourselves in insignificant things, to rediscover that life does not serve, if it does not serve.”

Following the example of the Vatican, many of the apostolic conferences of the American continent closed their temples and suggested to their faithful to follow the services through media such as the internet, television, radio and social networks in a circumstance never seen before.


The beginning of the Semana Mayor surprises many of the countries of America, with a large number of Catholics, as protagonists of an unprecedented drama in which each one tries to lessen the effects of the pandemic with different tools, if they have.

The Easter week began in Brazil without crowds, the masses were transmitted by social networks and the blessings were given at home.

The image of the Virgin of Copacabana, one of the most venerated by Catholics in Bolivia, visited some neighborhoods of La Paz with a message of hope in an unusual Palm Sunday with empty streets due to quarantine in the country, where there are already 157 confirmed cases and 10 deaths.

The Catholic community of Miami celebrated the mass of Palm Sunday with the churches empty, but the parishioners of the parish of the Rincon de San Lázaro could entrust themselves to the mobile altar of this saint venerated by the Cubans, who walks the streets of Hialeah every December.

The temple has been closed for the past two weeks as part of the confinement and held its mass on Palm Sunday through the social network Facebook, like many other churches, but additionally he took the mobile Saint Lazarus out into the street and made it available to his parishioners.