Today was the day that it was officially launched LEGO Super Mario, a product of the collaboration between Nintendo and the famous toy company. Not only that, but also the initial pack of the project is currently in the first place from the list of best-selling construction games for children from Amazon Spain. There is no doubt that the product has caused curiosity in the public for its originality regarding the mechanism and operation of the game, so Internet users have started to show unpublished aspects of the product, taking advantage of the fact that they already have it in their hands.

How is LEGO Super Mario inside? A video shows us everything!

The YouTube channel «Beyond the Brick»He has uploaded a video showing the components that make up the Mario included in the pack. In it you can see that there is from pieces that can be removed and change for others that will be available in expansions, until the led screen and the motherboard found inside the toy. You can also see the buttons, the LED lights and the color sensor found at the bottom of Mario. We leave you next the video so you can see it with your own eyes:

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What do you think? As you can see, the youtuber begins the video almost completely destroying the toy, although with the circuit that forms it still working, and ends up mounting it to leave it as it was before. Many people have commented on the video saying the terrifying appearance of the LED display without the plastic on top of it, Have you also been surprised?

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