A video shows the demanding last tests of the Mercedes EQA and EQS 2021

The two new Mercedes electrics that will arrive in 2021 face their final test stretch. The new Mercedes EQA and EQS are already facing a specific session of the special test program for electric models. Some demanding tests for the compact SUV and the luxury saloon that you can see in this video.

Mercedes delayed the presentation of the new EQA for this coming spring, an event that should have been held this November, delaying the market arrival of its first electric SUV. A time when the star’s signature is rushing the set-up tests, with a special test program.

The signature of the star has already said more than once that the test program for these models is the same as for the combustion models, but electric cars undergo an additional program. Some of these tests are done with prototypes camouflaged on the road and also in the secret test center of Inmendingen, without spy photos and with the same conditions as on public roads.

Mercedes explains the special tests that the new EQA and EQS are undergoing for being electric

Mercedes’ two new electric models, the EQA and EQS, will arrive in 2021

While the EQA will go into production before the end of this year to begin the delivery of units on the month of May, the EQS will hit the market in 2022, betting on a design that is not only more modern, sporty and sharp, but also a more coupe silhouette, four frameless doors and with a hatchback, an unprecedented configuration in its category.

This top of the range will arrive at the end of the year, conceived from scratch by launching the new EVA 2 platform, with the lithium-ion battery placed between the axles. A battery configuration that also has the EQA but on the modified platform of the new GLA, and for which it has received the technical name of EVA 1.5. In this model, the battery will offer a capacity of 60 kWh, while in the luxury saloon it will reach 110 kWh, so the maximum autonomy will also vary, 400 kilometers for the compact SUV and 700 kilometers for the saloon.

The two new models of Mercedes EQ, the electric brand, will also have different versions. The EQA will debut with a 150 kW electric motor in the basic version, but two more versions will be added in the future with one more electric motor on the rear axle, so it will offer all-wheel drive. These will comprise 200 and 250 kW: 204, 268 and 335 hp.

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