All of Brazil has been able to attend the most secret moment of any government, a meeting of the president with his ministers. The one held on April 22 ceased to be secret on Friday by decision of a Supreme Court judge. There, an upset Jair Bolsonaro pronounces the sentence that, as denounced by former judge Sergio Moro when he resigned as Minister of Justice, shows his interference in the police leadership to protect his family. The video is key evidence in the Supreme Court’s investigation of the head of state. Along with the political-judicial front, the Government faces a serious health crisis.

The official video recording of the Cabinet meeting leaves anyone speechless. It is an explosive cocktail that includes threats to Supreme Court justices, governors and mayors, insults, tacos —almost 40—, an appeal to take advantage of the fact that the press is focused on the pandemic to make environmental laws more flexible and the key phrase. Moro, a judge who is a symbol of the fight against corruption, supports Bolsonaro’s sentence with the accusation of political interference in order to shield his children in police investigations.

“I tried to officially change people from our security in Rio de Janeiro and I couldn’t. It’s over. I’m not going to wait for my whole family or my friends to be fucked, because I can’t change someone. I’m going to change it. If I can’t, I change his boss; If I can’t change the boss, I change the minister. And end point. We are not here to play games ”, he warns his ministers in a meeting attended by the directors of public banks, advisers, a photographer, the cameraman who records and waiters who serve coffee and pastries. That meeting precipitates Moro’s departure from the Government.

Bolsonaro has always insisted that the phrase refers to the safety of his family, not to the leadership of the Federal Police. Interviewed after the video was broadcast, he said that it is “a shot in the water, another farce dismantled.”

The Supreme Court investigates the Brazilian president for alleged prevarication and obstruction of justice, among other crimes. It will be up to the State Attorney General to decide if there are reasons to prosecute him. If it formalizes the accusation, two thirds of the Chamber of Deputies must approve that it be judged by the Supreme. To neutralize any attempt, Bolsonaro has allied himself with parliamentarians from whom he was pestering. He is already distributing charges to obtain, if necessary, vital support to avoid a criminal trial. In parallel, there are impeachment requests, but none have even been debated in the House. One of them demands that Bolsonaro’s mobile be seized.

The more than three hours of video ministerial meeting confirm that fighting the epidemic, which had then killed 3,000 people and now more than 20,000, is not among the federal government’s priorities. “Neither a strategy to combat the pandemic, nor a word of sympathy for the victims of the coronavirus. On the contrary, the president criticizes the mayor of Manaus for opening collective graves, ”wrote columnist Rosangela Bittar in Estadão this Saturday. Brazil, with 330,000 infections, has just surpassed Russia as the second country with the most cases.

Some fragments have been known via leaks in recent weeks. But now the 210 million Brazilians can see the almost complete meeting on their televisions or phones. And judge for themselves. That is why the judge has authorized its dissemination. Only some pieces that refer to China and Paraguay – it is understood that not in precisely praiseworthy terms – remain secret to avoid diplomatic conflicts. Yes, it has been issued the moment in which Paulo Guedes (Economy) suggests that China finance a Marshall Plan for the countries affected by the coronavirus.

Governors, to jail

Bolsonaro beats the official information services – “they are a shame”, “they only misinform” – to defend that he has a particular network of informants. He is the one who pronounces the most tacos but the most serious threats are issued by ministers from the ultra-cabinet wing before the silence of those from the military wing and the technocrat. Abraham Weintraub (Education) presents himself as a crusader against the privileges of the caste before uttering a clear threat: “I sent all those homeless people to jail, starting with the Supreme,” he says as he points across the plaza to the Three Powers of Brasilia, where the architect Oscar Niemeyer raised the seat of the highest court. Damares Alves (Human Rights) announces that he will “ask for a jail for governors and mayors” for implanting quarantines. And Ricardo Salles (Environment) intervenes to say that it is convenient to take advantage of the fact that the press is focused on the coronavirus to make environmental laws more flexible for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

In one of the first fragments of the video broadcast on television, the president made a fiery speech in favor of citizens being able to buy weapons to defend their freedom in the American way. “That is why I want the people to arm themselves. It is a guarantee that we will not have a son of a bitch to impose a dictatorship. Shit comes from the mayor and orders him to stay home, ”Bolsonaro bellows, who since the beginning of the health crisis insists that the economic consequences are going to be much more serious than the effects of covid-19. They call the governors of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, leaders of a political front that fights the epidemic with quarantines, dung and shit.

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