a very different feeling [FW Labs]

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a very different game among all the others in the franchise, here we tell you in what sense.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War introduces us to certain things that greatly change the way it is played in general. Mainly, the way weapons are controlled and hit detection.


From the first moment I laid my hands on this title, I managed to realize that mobility feels extremely different to all previous games in the franchise, whichever company you are.

I mean, it doesn’t feel the same to shoot here, because the bullets and the weapons seem to have a different programming that makes you feel like you’re not playing Call of Duty from the start.

And I do not mean it with bad intentions, Well, I’m a big fan of this series and I’m aware of its mistakes, its lack of innovation and its strange hitboxes. But here is another story entirely.

Each weapon feels different than what we were used to, from assault rifles to shotguns, but especially with sniper rifles. Well now it really feels like you have to connect your shots to have an effect on who gets them. Changing a lot the way we approach the game completely.


As you can imagine, the story is one of the most important parts of this title, because not only is it quite deep and with certain unexpected twists, but it also has different endings depending on the decisions you make during the campaign, which you can play with a customizable character, which will have different Perks according to its personality.

Outside of that, it is a story line of the United States being the police of the world, showing different points of view of the largest nation in the world, going from extreme nationalism to the insanity that war can bring on those involved.

As you can imagine there are great moments of impact and completely wacky missions, just how we like stories from Treyarch.

It is also worth mentioning that the Zombies mode has its own story and now you do not need to die for the rounds to end, but you can request an extraction after a certain number of rounds.

Visuals and audio

This is the best looking game in the entire franchise of all, Well, from the lighting to the models of characters and weapons, they are really detailed and very striking.

But here we have a problem, because in previous generation consoles, the cinematics cannot be reproduced as it should, never, so it will be difficult to follow the story at times or even know what is happening. But this is not the same in the new generation consoles, which manage to run the cinematics without any problem..

If you ask, in both versions of the game, during the parts where you take control of the characters and in multiplayer, everything runs fine, unless there are a lot of elements on screen. This happened to me playing Zombies on Xbox One, Well, coming to round 16, I could see frame drops so terrible that they literally made it impossible to play.

I think there is no better example of generational change than this game, two very different experiences on consoles from different generations.


If you are a fan of Call of Duty then no matter what I tell you, I am sure you will get it and it’s nothing bad, it’s a really very good game full of details, secrets and very shocking moments.

The only problem is that it doesn’t run very well on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and your experience could be affected badly. I’m not sure if performance bugs could be fixed in the future, but even with all this, it is the best Call of Duty to date.