a version that will focus on improving the user experience

Android 12 Developer Preview 1 is here. Google has released tonight the first preview of the next Android update, a new, very preliminary version that users of a compatible Google Pixel can already install and with which they have had less of a first making contact.

As usual, in the announcement of Android 12 Developer Preview Google is limited to listing the more technical innovations that will improve security, privacy and user experience.

So Android 12 will improve your user experience

Most of the news that Google has announced have to do with new tools that will offer a new user experience in your operating system and applications.

To improve the quality of the images of the applications, and also take up less space, Android 12 adds support to the image format AV1 (AVIF). They also add the transcoding the videos into HEVC so that devices not compatible with this codec can play their videos in the format AVC. Google reports that transcoding a one-minute 1080p video at 30fps takes about 9 seconds on a Pixel 4.

For improve performance of the system and that the applications go more fluid we see as Android 12 optimizes foreground services, preventing applications from making abusive use. I also know improves the responsiveness of notifications. By touching a notification the application will open without waiting. And speaking of notificationsThese will also receive a little facelift for a ** more modern design, easier to use and more functional **.

To make it easier to share or paste images, videos and files, Android 12 allows applications accept content from any source like clipboard, keyboard, or drag and drop.

To offer a more immersive experience as Android 12 adds support for haptic sound effects. In other words, developers will now be able to use vibration to create sensations in their applications and games by playing with force and frequency of the vibration in tune with the music. And to be Android even more immersive now the multichannel audio now supports 24 channels compared to 8 of the previous versions.

Don’t forget about security and privacy

For years, with each new update Google has not stopped improving the privacy and security of Android. In this new version add more transparency and control of the use of cookies while browsing sites and applications can no longer access the MAC of the device.

More modular upgrades

And finally, and one of the most important novelties, is that as of Android 12 the Android Runtime module (ART), in which the applications are executed, will be updated now via Google Play. So Google can improve compatibility, performance and fix bugs without having to wait for developers to release a system update.

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