A Tuesday in August that did not even bet

Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI. (Photo: Europa Press Entertainment via .)

“I wish you a good holiday, rest, because the month of September will be loaded with many political news, many measures.” With these words, Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, said goodbye to the journalists who attended this Thursday the balance press conference of the year that he held from the Palacio de La Moncloa.

Listening to him, anyone could think that until September the political news will diminish so much that it will almost disappear, giving way to the classic ‘summer snakes’, those irrelevant or surprising news that take the initiative especially in August in the absence of political news .

And yes … but no.

Because it is true that the informative forecasts for these next few days are scarce, but the first days of August are going to give a lot of political play.

To begin with, because the kings, like every summer, are already in Mallorca to enjoy their holidays.

The kings and their daughters, last year in Mallorca.  (Photo: picture alliance via Getty Images)The kings and their daughters, last year in Mallorca.  (Photo: picture alliance via Getty Images)

The kings and their daughters, last year in Mallorca. (Photo: picture alliance via .)

The monarchs already have the agenda loaded with events: that if it receives politicians, that if cultural visits, that if it regattas …

From the early hours of this Monday, Felipe VI receives in audience the different local and regional authorities.

On Wednesday, the kings, their daughters and Queen Sofía will visit the natural area of ​​the Sierra de Tramontana and the Lluc Sanctuary.

And on Saturday, the king presents the trophies of the Copa del Rey sailing, another royal classic of the summer.

But the main course comes this Tuesday, when Felipe VI will receive as every year the Prime Minister, in this case Pedro Sánchez, at the Marivent Palace.

And not because of what they are going to share between the two, which have already seen a lot in recent days, but because the visit of the Head of Government to the Head of State coincides with the first anniversary of the march to Abu Dhabi of King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, for his financial scandals.

Not done on purpose.

That August 3, 2020, the former head of state announced with a letter his “thoughtful decision” to move, “at this time, outside of Spain” and explained that he was taking this step “due to the public repercussions that certain past events are having. of my private life ”.

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Since March, the headlines about his alleged opaque businesses had followed one another and Sánchez’s Executive had dropped the need for his son to take action on the matter to detach the institution from the behaviors of his father.

In February of this year, Pedro Sánchez himself acknowledged that he felt “rejection” of “these uncivil behaviors”. He said it after it was known that the emeritus had paid more than four million euros to the Treasury in a second regularization after the one he had already done in December.

A year later, headlines continue to appear that cloud the image of Juan Carlos I. The latest information points to new accounts in Switzerland.

Even so, the Executive maintains its support for the Crown because, as Sánchez said in February, the attitudes of Juan Carlos I do not question the monarchical institution because the current king, Felipe VI, has put distance in front of them.

It does not seem possible that Sánchez and the king will discuss this matter, although if there is a press conference with the president, it is likely that any question on the subject will have to be answered.

The king and S & # xe1; nchez, in 2020 in Marivent.  (Photo: Carlos R. Alvarez via Getty Images)The king and S & # xe1; nchez, in 2020 in Marivent.  (Photo: Carlos R. Alvarez via Getty Images)

The king and Sánchez, in 2020 in Marivent. (Photo: Carlos R. Alvarez via .)

What they will talk about will be the Council of Ministers that will be held that same Tuesday, in which the Government plans to approve the extension of the so-called ‘social shield’, which will last until October 31.

This measure expired on August 9 and with its extension the prohibition of eviction procedures for people in a situation of economic vulnerability is expanded.

In addition, the possibility of requesting the postponement of the payment of the rent of habitual residence to families in vulnerable situations is maintained as long as the tenants are large homeowners (ten or more).

The deadline for requesting a three-month moratorium on the payment of mortgages and credits is also extended. In addition, the cutting of basic supplies, such as electricity, natural gas and water, is prohibited for the first homes of vulnerable people and the validity of the social bonus is automatically extended, the direct discount on the bill aimed at vulnerable consumers .

This measure has been extended for more than a year, since it was approved for the first time on March 31, 2020 after the declaration of the state of alarm for the coronavirus.

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