This week the blue brand, WWE SmackDown, was preparing for the event of horrors. An interview with Matt Riddle, the reaction of the tag team champions and a review of the history of the races that brought Bray and Braun together on their way. In addition to an atypical stellar moment with the toast between Jeff and Sheamus.

Matt and his champion flashes

His arrival at the well-known main roster has caused an earthquake throughout the brand. A person who stands out for his way of attracting attention and shining in the ring, has not left anyone indifferent. In addition to reaping victories and great fights, he has not stopped getting enemies.

From King Corbin, to Miz, Morrison, and Styles himself. It has deranged these fighters a lot They had had great competition for quite a long time in the brand. The fight against Morrison was the best of the entire program, where cunning was the winner in a very intense duel.

Styles still reigns

His first opponent who could take away the status quo he maintains on his mark could be reeling with the fight between him and Drew Gulak for the championship. He had moments of great tension, after seeing that Gulak looked strong and motivated in the fight. In the end, she was able to beat him and lift the title that belongs to him in his own right.

Nakamura assaults New Day

With everything that happened during these past months, few will be those who remember that Kofi was the most dominant of the brand with his championship. Their duel was similar to a showdown of a major event. The two have had ups and downs in their careers, but now they faced each other hand with victory of the Japanese. Their next goal is to snatch the championships in pairs.

Sheamus invites for a drink

In his personal bar, and through a screen, he urged Hardy to have a drink, to celebrate together the course of both in the brand. Sheamus was pleased to remain unbeatable, and congratulated Hardy on his victory over Corbin. It encouraged him to fall back into what Jeff hated so much, addiction.

The waiter would end up paying for the dishes shortly. He received a bottle at the nape of his neck, and the stellar move of Hardy, the house brand. Lastly, he displayed a challenging attitude towards a Sheamus who celebrated in a calm and serene manner, but who knew of Jeff’s danger.

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