A tiger, a lion? Lupillo Rivera erased Belinda’s tattoo

A tiger, a lion? Lupillo Rivera erased Belinda’s tattoo | Instagram

The singer Lupillo Rivera shared on social networks one of the videos that he cataloged was “one of the most anticipated”, the moment in which the tattoo with the face of BelindaHowever, criticism and comments would not be lacking in the face of the new design that it wore.

It was done, now it is like a brush stroke, the artist pointed out when he showed a large stain that covered his old tattoo

At the beginning of the transmission, Lupillo Rivera He explained to his fans that he had finally decided to erase the memory of the singer Belinda, with whom he was related during his participation in the reality show La Voz.

The so-called “Toro del corrido” sent a message to all his followers in which he explained the reasons why he would have made the decision, the American composer premieres new love, so he disclosed to his girlfriend the reasons why he broke up the promise he would have made several months ago.

I am very happy that I made this decision. First and foremost, I make room for my fiancée, Giselle Soto, that’s why I made this decision to do it. Every woman deserves her place and you have to give it, explained Lupillo at the beginning of her video.

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Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra published the video on her Instagram account which accompanied an image with the following message.

Now my people! The most awaited video for you! Best wishes to all lovers, this is something I do out of respect for my fiancee, thank you very much for all your support.

In addition, he also stressed that this was a material that “everyone was waiting, everyone wants to see,” he said, and although at the time he promised not to delete it, he decided to break the agreement since he now had a love relationship and for his part Belinda, today she is engaged.

I know that I gave my word at some point in my life, I was wrong, we are human beings and right now we have to give the place to my wife, he assured.

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In the middle of the video you can see the interpreter of “El Moreño”, “Despreciado” and “Sufían a solo”, in a date ready to erase his tattoo, although the final result was not the most expected by his followers since The place of the tattoo was left with a large black spot, so the comments and criticisms have not stopped towards the “regional”.

The outstanding figure of the show commented on how it was that finally Belinda’s face was erased from his arm.

I was sitting down and L’rey was bringing a marker and I asked her how would I remove this tattoo? and he began to paint it for me and just as he painted it for me, that’s how it turned out, explained Lupillo Rivera.

However, as expected, Jenni Rivera’s brother was not spared from criticism. Why did they point him out? Now it was because his tattoo design looked like a smudge.

It was like the meme, ‘Rídiculo’, ‘If you really respected your fiancée you would have already dropped the subject or you would have done it without so much circus’ But hey, ‘The good thing is that scratch and a new account’, ‘For stains, not mms’, ‘Brother I don’t like the design, is it a black stain?’

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They were some of the comments that users dedicated to Rivera Saavedra through the publication, meanwhile, in some others, netizens doubted that this was the final design that the Mexican regional musician would wear. So they reiterated that they hoped to see how it would look.

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