Pedro Piqueras would describe as chilling the images that have been experienced tonight, almost at dawn, in Cádiz. A tide of cadistas has flooded the city to celebrate the promotion to Primera of the yellow team. Obviously, without distance measures or massive use of masks.

Already before Saturday’s game he could promote Cádiz thousands of followers crowded around Carranza to cheer on their team. The images that were lived hours before the match against Fuenlabrada began were a foretaste of what could happen, and it happened, with the rise of Cádiz a day later after Zaragoza’s defeat against Oviedo.

Neither the appeal of the podemita Kichi, mayor of Cádiz, more with a small mouth than anything else, so that people did not go out to celebrate the promotion was useless. Nor could the Police do much to contain a tide of cadistas who, without any kind of prudence or precaution, gave vent to their joy at the promotion to Primera del Cádiz.