A thorough review will be made in the field of works: deputies

Silvia Arellano

Mexico City / 02.20.2021 16:39:50

During the third delivery of the Individual Reports and the General Executive Report of the Result of the Superior Audit of the 2019 Public Account, by the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), coordinators of various parliamentary groups announced that a review will be made of the works that were carried out during the first year of the president’s government Andrés Manuel López Obrador and blaming other governments for any deficiencies found will not be accepted.

In the virtual meeting, prior to receiving 871 reports from the Public Account 2019, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the PRD In the Chamber of Deputies, Verónica Juárez Piña said that her bench will make a thorough review of what the current administration has exercised, in particular regarding the works it promotes.

“From the PRD we are going to do a thorough review of what this government has done. Regarding what has to do with the different works that it is promoting and in which we find that there is no information, we will make a thorough review of everything that has been carried out and also of the omissions that may be found ”, he highlighted.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the BREAD, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks mentioned that one of the most important functions of Congress is oversight, so that all the resource is properly located and has the necessary efficiency and performance that Mexicans deserve, therefore, “the oversight bodies they need staff with honesty, professional competence, independence and character ”.

On the other hand, the coordinator of Citizen movement, Fabiola Loya Hernández affirmed that accountability and transparency are fundamental in this environment of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Given this, he pointed out that one must be vigilant of how and how much of the public resources authorized by this sovereignty has been spent, so that “it will not be accepted that the only response to the evident failures of this administration is the responsibility of those who preceded this Government ».

On behalf of PRI, Deputy Marcela Guillermina Velasco stressed that these results reports will be analyzed and serve to promote legal reforms that contribute to having better and greater transparency.