Father of four children, two of whom are illegitimate, Prince Albert II may soon have to undergo a new paternity test. Indeed, a Brazilian affirms that he is the father of her daughter …

Prince Albert II would he a third illegitimate child ? The website Histoires Royales reports that a 34-year-old Brazilian woman claims that Charlene of Monaco’s husband is the father of his daughter born July 4, 2005. She also indicates that she sent many messages to the principal concerned. Messages that went unanswered.

Will an agreement be found?

So, she decided to go to court to than a paternity test be done. The lawyer for the young woman, who did not wish to reveal her identity, said:

We hope to reach an agreement beforehand. To protect my client’s daughter, a lawsuit must be avoided. I find this process unnecessary if the problem can be resolved with a quick DNA test. We turned to the Court after unsuccessfully trying to reach amicable conciliation.

If there is a trial, it will start in February 2021, in Milan, where the complaint has been filed. This is where the young woman now resides, who is said to have met Prince Albert II. in Brazil. She claims to have then maintained a relationship with him. Albert of Monaco would have even invited her to follow him during a trip to Europe, but he would not have given her any more sign of life after the birth of his daughter… and this, in spite of his numerous letters.

Prince Albert II, father of two illegitimate children

Prince Albert II is the proud father of twins, aged 4, born from his relationship with Princess Charlene of Monaco. But he also has two illegitimate children whom he recognized. Indeed, the Monegasque prince has a daughter, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who was born in 1993. He also has a boy, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, who was born to him in 2003.

Prince Albert II: A third illegitimate child?  A complaint filed
If they have been recognized by their father, however, they cannot not claim the throne. But it is clear that they have found their place within the Grimaldi family. The proof ? Louis Ducruet, the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, did not hesitate to invite them to his wedding, which took place in July 2019.

An invitation that they both accepted … but which at the time had provoked the anger of Charlene of Monaco.

But despite rumors, Prince Albert II and his wife are always so united. And they have yet to prove it!

Princess Charlene facing a new challenge

A true sportswoman, Charlène de Monaco has just started a big challenge. Indeed, the wife of Prince Albert II decided to cross Calvi-Monaco by water bike.

Indeed, our colleagues from Nice Matin revealed a few days ago:

Two teams of four athletes will take turns at sea for nearly 24 hours, on September 12 and 13, to complete the distance between Corsica and the Principality aboard a water bike.

Prince Albert II, the first supporter of his wife

While waiting to achieve this feat, Charlene of Monaco flew to Corsica to train. The young mom takes this challenge very seriously, especially since it was launched by its foundation. And to do this, she can count on the support of prince albert ii. Proof of this is with this video revealed on Instagram account of Princess Charlene.

We discover the former swimmer in the middle of the sea, in full training. Not far from there is her husband. Indeed, if we do not see it on these images, we can hear Prince Albert II comment on the exploits of his wife.

It is certain, Charlene of Monaco will be able to count on the support of her husband. What encourage him even more to achieve this challenge. It remains to be seen now if she will also be by her husband’s side in a few months, if a trial were to take place …