A Telecinco reporter leaves the connection in a panic attack

Nowadays, any small mistake or mistake can become viral due to the amplifying power of social networks. That is what happened with a video that shows the nervous breakdown experienced by reporter Elisa Cardenal in a live connection during the 9:00 pm edition of ‘Informativos Telecinco’.

Elisa Cardenal, the reporter who left the connection in the middle of her speech in ‘Informativos Telecinco’

Pedro Piqueras gave way to the reporter who was in Segovia to explain how the hoteliers had taken on the news related to the de-escalation and the reopening of bars and restaurants in this city of Castilla y León. As the presenter spoke, Cardenal was restless, moving a lot in front of the camera.

Piqueras explained that few hoteliers had decided to reopen the doors of their establishments. « Yes, and those who have done it, have done it with suspicion since they consider that they are insufficient measures. The hoteliers regret that it opens again … », it said Cardenal, who has stopped speaking and has begun to move the microphone very nervous. « No no no! »the reporter exclaimed before leaving the plane.

Receive support from social media

On Twitter, hundreds of users have sent expressions of support to Cardenal and have narrated his disastrous work experiences to encourage her and make her see that it is a mistake that can happen to anyone. In fact, It is not the first time that a reporter flees outright because of a mistake when reciting the text or because of her nerves. In 2017, a video went viral in which a TVE reporter, Mar Ch Wednes, got stuck while speaking and unable to move forward, she came out flat while saying: « Jooo, I’ve done it wrong. »