Sergio Busquets He appeared after the match between Barcelona and Atlético to analyze the tie for two. This result further complicates the fight for the league title against the Catalan team, since if Madrid wins they would lead them by four points. The midfielder he was very hurt for having lost two important points Heading into the fight for the championship, he says he believes it will be difficult for whites to fail from here to the end.


«For the title fight, leaving two points is difficult because you give too much advantage. Until mathematically the contrary is said, we will fight to the end. We know it is difficult but we are going to try it ».

Are you happy with the game?

«He was a very difficult rival. We have competed very well, we have had dominance and occasions. Both penalties have penalized us a lot. Against a great team when you get two goals you have to do a lot to win. It was a shame.

Two penalties

«Live is difficult. Each team expects the performance of the VAR in their favor, but I have no idea how it has been. Live can be one thing and television another, I can not judge.

Responsibility of the players

«It was a favorable situation before the break because we were leaders but we have lost those points. There have been games that have been worse and others like today that the team has shown up, but for one reason or another we have not been able to take all three points. This takes us away from the lead if Real Madrid wins. We have to continue our business, try to win, which is essential. If Madrid leaves points better, but it will be difficult because they are doing very well.