Abiteboul bet on getting a tattoo if Ricciardo got a podium

The Australian came close to getting it in the first race at Silverstone

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed that he made a bet with Cyril Abiteboul in 2019, when he arrived at Renault: the French manager has promised to get a tattoo if the Australian gets a podium. An original way to celebrate the milestone and one that Fernando Alonso would surely like, as it would be synonymous with the team’s progress on their future project.

“If I get a podium, you have to get a tattoo,” Ricciardo revealed at Silverstone in statements to Sky.

“We made that bet at the beginning of last year. I said that I would choose what tattoo and him, the place and the size,” he added.

Renault’s last podium was at the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix, nine long years ago. This long drought is something that Abiteboul wanted to change with the signing of Daniel Ricciardo, but it has not been. Although the team has taken a step forward – especially with its engine – the potential is still not enough to manage to retain the Australian, who will set course for McLaren in 2021.

His position will be held by Fernando Alonso, one of the people who would most like the hypothetical Abiteboul tattoo, since that would open the door to a 2021 in which he himself could fight for podiums, something that Fernando has been since 2014 without achieving in F1.

Renault surprised in preseason as one of the strong teams and they are definitely in the fight, against McLaren and Racing Point, for being the best of the rest. Right now they have 36 points and are five from Lawrence Stroll’s and 17 from Woking’s.

The potential of the team was seen above all in the British Grand Prix, in which Ricciardo finished on the podium and Esteban Ocon achieved a sixth place. “I was in a position to lose the bet we made a year ago,” said Daniel.

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