A summer of movies with El Águila beers

There are legendary trios in the history of cinema that we all have in mind and, if you think about it for a minute, you will surely remember one. And this summer, that select movie-buff club will be joined by another triplet of top-level actors with the best premiere: the one you are going to star in and the beers El Águila Sin Filtrar and El Águila 1900.

We are going to leave the theme of the setting, the costumes and the special effects in your hands and we are going to focus on the plot and the characters. It all sounds a little crazy but trust us, it’s going to work. After all, what better company for a hot summer movie night than a cold beer on hand?

We do not promise that just by opening one of these bottles you will transport yourself directly to Hollywood, but we do assure you a taste of the movie. Come on, this is about to begin …

The argument

Alvaro Sanz

Exterior, day: Delicias neighborhood in 1900.

* Voiceover of narrator

“With more than a century of history, The Eagle has always been characterized by its nonconformist and pioneering spirit. Its founder was a bohemian artist and entrepreneur who, after traveling to many European countries, decides to break the rules of the beverage market in Spain at a time when beer was less popular and wine was one of the main protagonists in taverns. .

This is how a beer was born, which, thanks to its characteristic and recognizable flavor among the rest of the lagers on the market, gradually spread throughout Spain, becoming one of the best known and sold beers in our country, contributing in an important way to the rise of beer consumption in these parts “.

And like every movie must have its element of drama and improvement, The Eagle takes a break in 2008 … only to take flight stronger than ever in 2019. Since then, it has remained a non-conformist and authentic beer. A beer that does not leave indifferent those who value quality.

The protagonists

the eagle beer

Alvaro Sanz

We have already spoiled you a bit at the beginning of the article, but we remind you in case you weren’t paying attention. The main actor of course is you, although you will also have to act as a producer (you will have to take care of buying the beers) and as a director … and even as a script girl. But don’t worry because the result will be worth it.

Here comes the second ‘lead’: The Unfiltered Eagle. Inspired by traditional 1900 methods where beers were not often filtered. Like fresh out of the tank. Being an unfiltered beer, it is very important to turn it before serving to awaken the yeast and thus enjoy all its flavor.

And the stellar cast is completed with The Eagle 1900, a very balanced and easy to drink special lager, with a characteristic flavor that combines intensity of caramelized malt with the freshness of its blend of hops. It is a beer with a bright golden color and a consistent white foam thanks to its perfect combination of malts. When drinking it, fresh aromas are perceived with a citrus touch provided by its carefully selected hops.

The big premiere

the eagle beer

Alvaro Sanz

Now you just have to get comfortable and sit down and enjoy this authentic summer blockbuster, which will give you many joys these hot months and more if you accompany it with a beer The Eagle very cold.

El Águila recommends responsible consumption

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