A suicide attempt leaves three towns in Murcia without electricity

This Good Friday, the residents of Nonduermas, Era Alta and La Raya, three districts of the city of Murcia, were without light for a few hours. The motive, the suicide attempt of a man.

As reported by the local newspaper La Opinion de Murcia, the events happened last Friday night, when the emergency services received the warning that a man was trying to jump onto the train tracks. Subsequently, the notices that were received were that this man was walking on the roofs of the houses of the Avenida Ciudad de Almería.

A friend of the man, who had called 112, tried to convince him to come down, but instead of doing so, this man he perched on a light turret nearby and began to climb it.

The danger of electrocution It was evident, as reported by technicians from the electricity company who had traveled to the scene, so to avoid a misfortune, it was decided to cut the supply.

The point is that this light tower serves the districts of Nonduermas, Era Alta and La Raya, which between the three add up to 7,600 inhabitants. Neighbors were left without power while the rescue operation lasted.

At the scene of the events, a negotiator from the National Police appeared and finally, the man could be rescued and lowered from the turret, without any physical injury. The man was transferred to Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital in Murcia, where he was admitted to the Psychiatry Unit.