A sublime pair, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanicolaou together

A sublime pair, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanicolaou together | INSTAGRAM

Although this particular occasion did not wear similar outfits, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanicolaou, the best friends posed together in attractive swimsuits that highlighted their splendid and curvy silhouettes, while perfecting their beautiful tans.

Apparently you are pretty girls They do everything together, therefore, this time, they could be seen together unleashing the highest temperatures in Instagram, by appearing very close to each other, with tiny pieces of clothing.

The beautiful and voluptuous young women dazzled by using their respective swimsuits, although, as we already mentioned, at that time for some reason their outfits did not match, however, this was not a reason for their wholesale charms not to shine.

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“Stassiebaby” as he calls himself in his Official instagram she decided to wear a one-piece swimsuit in a turquoise blue hue with greenish flashes, and lines of a deeper green.

Although we think it is necessary to mention that this textile piece has a charming detail at the waist, with which, thanks to it, you can emphasize your tiny waist, and therefore, highlight your prominent hips, posing from the front.

On the other hand, we have the app queen, who decided to wear a beautiful and super cute two-piece swimsuit in nude tones with light tie-die-style spots in pink, this piece is comprised of a tube top with which it can hardly contain its enormous attributes.


In addition to a tiny bottom that ties at the sides, creating a perfect look for sunbathing and perfecting her beautiful crowded tone, while tanning in the company of her best friend.

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All these details create a spectacular piece of visual entertainment for the millions of followers of Kylie, and also those of Anastasia, in addition, everything together looks phenomenal because, both girls posed in front of a yellow wall, and thanks to the peculiar colors that they used, they stand out to the maximum.

It is not the first time, and we assure that it will not be the last, in which we will see these beautiful and prominent models pose together, while having fun in their social gatherings or on vacation, since they have many years of friendship, and since They have always been seen to be very close, to the point of doing practically anything by hand.

Like, for example, an endearing time when they traveled together to relax for a few days in an exclusive bay, they decided to wear their two-piece swimsuits with prints and sarongs together, Kylie’s being pink and Anastasia’s being blue. same pattern, different shades, as they normally use their outfits.

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For many users on social networks, they are already the definition of a true dynamic duo, because as we mentioned earlier, both usually delight us posing for explosive photos, showing their knowledge in twerking or traveling the world together, in addition to the fact that their friendship has many years of development.

They have been inseparable, since we have practically been able to see them doing almost all their activities in duet, and of course, for this reason, they take pictures together wherever they are, as well as almost daily from the Instagram stories of both models, we can see how they have fun being together.

Likewise, we can say that Stassie and Kylie are so similar physically that some fans have even thought they are familiar, coupled with the fact that both American celebrities often wear matching outfits and wear similar hairstyles and makeup to prove how strong they are. your friendship.