A study reveals alarming data linking excessive cell phone use and self-control

A team of German researchers studied the behavior of users who spend a lot of time on their cell phone in games or social networks.

A group of researchers from the Freie University, from Germany has devoted an extensive time of study directed towards the behavior of people who use a lot of the cell phone. Then they found that those who spend a lot on games or social networks have less self control. They can also develop other addictions such as overeating or drinking alcohol.

Generating a dependency on cell phone use is not a good idea and is what the study shows. Not only does it affect the aforementioned behaviors, but it also adds others that must be kept alert. For example, according to research findings, people tend to act impulsively.

Besides this, and we keep talking about who spend a lot of time on the cell phone, these people raise the odds of wanting instant rewards, that is, easy money.

However, the study points out two specific uses of the cell phone: games and social networks.

They develop a commitment to the cell phone

The study by German researchers finds that these people end up developing a commitment to the cell phone. « The omnipresence of smartphones among adolescents and adults raises questions about their excessive use. Also to the personality factors that are associated with a greater commitment to these devices« , reveals the study, according to the Daily Mail review.

For the research, the Berlin-based think tank recruited 101 users of iPhone. They authorized the research team to record data on the activity carried out within the device. By this they refer to the time they spend on an application. In addition to taking note of how long other apps are running in the background.

They also verified the number of programs that a user opens and closes during the day. So this gave them indications that those who use the cell phone more, develop the aforementioned behaviors. Acting impulsively, wanting instant rewards, lacking self-control, and so on.

These behaviors are directly related to the ease of falling into addictions such as food, drink and even the use of other drugs.