a study finds these dangerous risks

The studies that talk about its benefits targeted adults.

Plant-based diets that include greens and vegetables are not harmful to health. However, they are not entirely beneficial, as is thought. Specifically, in children it has several risks, find a study. They argue that the positive characteristics that were previously found in this type of vegan diet, they only targeted adults.

The study belongs to scientists at the University of Helsinki, in Finland, publishes Slash Gear. As time passes, diets that completely exclude animals from the diet have become more popular. But, in children it generates an exaggerated deficiency of nutrients. Therefore, the experts in charge of this study recommend balancing immediately.

Vegan diet and vitamins

Researchers understand and respect young people and adults who decided to eliminate animals from their diet. Many do it thinking about their health and others also include respect and rights to animals. So if they can find the necessary components for good body care, in plants, great.

But there are certain vitamins that only an animal-based diet offers. These nutrients are essential for the growth of children and those who did the study, found the deficiency.

For those who follow a vegan diet, it is recommended to take some supplements that support their diet. Vitamin D and B12, iodine, zinc, calcium, iron and B2, are some of them. But this does not work for children.

For the study they took children who follow vegan diets and children with a diet that includes animal foods. In this way they found that the little vegetarians did not present good levels of Vitamin A. Nor Vitamin D. In addition to a low presence of HDL and LDL cholesterol.

They stated that you need to investigate further before issuing a medical recommendation. But all roads lead to a vegan diet is not recommended for children.