a streaming mode will prevent you from having copyright problems

It seems that Cyberpunk 2077 will include a very special mode that will help us stream the game smoothly on any platform.

Cyberpunk 2077 took longer than expected to develop, but we can almost get our hands on it now. And now, with what we will tell you next, The wait will be even more difficult, as it will present us with a special mode that all those who make streamers will love.

An anti-trouble mode

Twitch recently advised all streamers to stop putting copyrighted music on their streams, as this will only lead to problems that would end up causing the videos to be deleted without further ado.

So the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 decided to include a special mode for streaming, which will eliminate all chances of getting into trouble whoever decides to stream this game.

The way it does this is by removing the music from within the game, so nothing copyrighted will play. and, therefore, it will be possible to transmit it without any problem and fulfilling everything that Twitch asks of us. But if you want, you can also disable it manually.

We don’t know how much deletion of the music will affect the gaming experience, but surely it will not be so much, because this title will also have original music that will not be eliminated with the activation of this mode.

So if you were hoping to stream this title a lot or if you were planning to stream the entire game, this is good news for you, because just by deleting music, no one will get in trouble.

Remember that the long-awaited futuristic title from CD Projekt Red will come to us on December 10 and it will be until then that we can enjoy it as it deserves. This will be released for the current and last generation Xbox consoles, as with current and previous PlayStation consoles. But for those who have a PC, then don’t worry, it will also be available for this.