A stir in England with Eve Vorley, adult film actress and West Ham’s new director

There is no talk of anything else in England after news that has generated a stir in the Premier League. And is that the West Ham United, a powerful English club of the highest category, has appointed as board of directors of the entity Eve Vorley, a porn actress well known decades ago for her roles in various adult films. The London club has announced Emma Benton-Hugues as director of the board, who has starred in and directed several porn films, an industry in which she is known as Eve Vorley.

In the world of football it is not strange to see celebrities and celebrities in important positions. Some invest in clubs and become owners of them, others enter important positions, as an image … However, this appointment has surprised everyone in the United Kingdom and around the world because of its unexpectedness, and it is not remembered a precedent of a director and actress of pornographic films in a high position in the board of an entity of the importance of West Ham.

But, how did this porn actress get to that position in the English club? It turns out that Emma, ​​known in the adult film industry as Eve Vorley, is the wife of West Ham Co-President David Sullivan, with whom she has been seen and photographed on many occasions in the stadium box watching different hammers matches, where the young Spanish Pablo Fornals plays.

West Ham, which is tenth in the Premier League, is put in the hands of Emma Benton-Hugues, who as director of the board will be important in decision-making. At 55, this London-born woman has fully entered the world of football after being well known in the late 90s and 2000s for starring in several porn films.

“He had an incredible ability to turn his character on and off. In front of a camera, Emma would leave and appear Eve Vorley, a naughty schoolgirl or a sexy secretary. I never knew how much they paid him. Suffice to say, she moved out of her flat in Gravesend pretty quickly, ”her brother revealed about her a while back.