South Korean player “Larva” surprised everyone by using a multi-meter keyboard during a stream.

It is often said thatsize matters, but in the case ofeSportsthe maxim that “the bigger the better” is not always followed. Or so it seems after seeing a StarCraft pro playing on a giant keyboard. And the giant is not an euphemism, we talk abouta keyboard of several metersand bigger than some people. The playerLim ‘Larva’ Hong Gyufrom South Korea surprised his followers the other day withthis monstrosity worth seeing, and what is more important, managing to do something with it without failing in the attempt.

In a direct that you can see on demand at this link (as of 02:05:00), the South Korean professionaldragged this huge keyboard to his roomwith the intention of playing StarCraft in the most absurd way possible. Beating with an open hand, with the help of another person, and sometimes using the foot to reach all the keys,Larva then set out to play several games in the it could well given this eccentric situation.

As they comment well from PC Gamer, this player is quite well knownfor their unusual proposalsand behavior that sometimes generates friction in the community. In fact, in 2017 he played the Zodiac Masters Cup reaching a final where he played with his foot, with his arms crossed, and at one pointhe even pretended to take a napduring the game. And they still won the tournament, although he had to face the disciplinary measures of the organization for his attitude.

We do not knowwhere did the player get this huge keyboardWhat do you plan to do with it after the video, but if you feel like playing StarCraft again these days, take a look at our StarCraft Remastered review.

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