In recent months, fan requests for a sequel to Han Solo: A Star Wars Story have been quite a few. Well, all those who asked for it can start to sing victory (although in a medium and cautious volume), since It seems that the mouse is developing this second part, although not as a movie, but as a series for Disney +.

The report comes courtesy of the site Star Wars Unity (via CBR), which ensures that the streaming platform is already actively working on the episodes. Of course, it is important to mention that a production start date was not offered. However, something that was said is that it is planned to have all the original cast of the first installment.

Something that stands out from the information given is that it is stated that the decision to continue the adventures of the smuggler, Chewbacca and company was made based on the great reception that the hashtag # MakeSolo2Happen had on social networks. If this is true, it would undoubtedly show the footprint left by fan communities on executives and production teams.

Another point that is also heavily emphasized is the fact that this is quite likely what Alden Ehrenreich meant when he mentioned recently that he had heard some rumors regarding his character’s return.

Also, everything indicates that a villain who would have a very important role in the plot would be Darth Maul, whom we saw in the last minutes of the anthology film focused on young Han. The broad inclusion of the reddish Sith would presumably obey the plans to launch a serial based on his figure.

With the announcement of the next sequel to Solo, clearly, little by little Disney + it is becoming a space where you can see materialized ideas that could not be realized on the big screen. In fact, last week we reported that there was a strong rumor regarding the creation of a program focused on Lando Calrissian, but it is still not clear what will happen to the idea for this project.

Disney + Sequel Solo Series: A star wars story

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