A special story of a special boxer

(From left to right) Willie Silvestry, José Luis Trabal, Olajuwon Acosta and Juan De León

Yesterday was a long, intense and exhausting day, but full of blessings plus much happiness. Everyone knows that I have been working against ‘thick and thin’ for many years looking for the best for my boys. They have been hard years of learning both as a person, as a coach and as a businessman. The achievements have been seen and the growth has been much higher than expected.

3 years ago I had a significant loss that since that day nothing has been the same, but within all that process they brought me Olajuwon Davis Acosta and the person who did it after being too special for me, also asked me to do it for our lost that in life always wanted to help him.

To make matters worse when I meet this child and his life story that for me just thinking about it gives me feeling to see him wanting to be someone and not taking all his suffering as an excuse to lose himself in vices or the street it is natural that the thought that came to me to the mind outside this child is “special”.

Last night after almost a year of very long conversations and the search for that piece that we needed to seek to achieve our goals with “Rayo”, my boy’s signature was stamped with ‘De León Management’ by the great Juan De León . A special story of a special boxer needed that special move and I certainly think we made the best decision.

They have been years giving it hard only to the hand of the hand of my great friend Javier Bustillo and we have achieved incredible things. I am sure that by including the great Juan De León we have all the necessary pieces to be able to write a super important chapter for the life of Olajuwon “El Rayo” Acosta, the Mayaguez boxing, the Roosevelt Residential and above all to fulfill the memory of our Carlos “El Machazo” Rodríguez.

(Photo: Supplied)