A Spanish inventor patents an elevator that eliminates the coronavirus

Elevators are a dangerous space for the spread of the coronavirus. They are small rooms, with little or no ventilation, where the people who go in it do not keep the relevant safety distance. Experts have asked since the beginning of the pandemic to avoid its use, but there are times when it is not possible and that is why work has been done to try to stop the transmission of COVID-19 in elevators.

So, An inventor from Denia (Alicante) has patented an elevator that removes all traces of COVID-19 from the air and contact surfaces through the use of ultraviolet rays. Every time it is not used and has no occupants, the elevator is disinfected with these ultraviolet rays. The person in charge of this discovery is José Roig, manager of a leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of machines for the processing of nuts.

Spain, country with the most elevators per inhabitant

The Alicante-born explains that the COVID-19 crisis, which caused him to drop in his activity, made him readjust to the new situation and began to think about how to stop the spread of infections in our country. Roig realized that Spain is the country with the most elevators per inhabitant in the world and came to the conclusion that these spaces represent a very important danger for the circulation of the virus, because In them, the perfect conditions exist for one person to infect another.

For this reason, he worked hard to develop an “anti-COVID” elevator that uses the technology used in his company, based on pasteurization that eliminates pathogens with ultraviolet rays. In this sense, and taking advantage of the previous knowledge that I already had, Roig’s patent uses approximately 200 or 220 nanometers of ultraviolet light and manages to disinfect the elevator safely and “in less than a minute”, he assures.

Alarm signal if there are more users than recommended

In addition, the developer has also thought about the importance of not accumulating people inside the elevator. So, His invention incorporates a locking mechanism that closes the doors and launches an alarm message if it detects that there are more users inside than are advised. In this way, in addition to ensuring that the elevator is a virus-free space, it also makes it possible to respect the safety distance.

Roig has not specified where this new antiCOVID-19 elevator should be used, but it is clear that it is ideal for all types of buildings, from health centers or schools, to blocks of flats, going through the common elevators that we find in public transport.

The anti-COVID elevator that José Roig has patented is not his first invention. His family has added 40 patents related to the technology they use for all types of nuts and he only has 14 to his name, in addition to another four that he currently has in the pipeline.