A small renewable that accumulates a revaluation of 66% and surpasses the large ones on the stock market

Bigger is not always synonymous with better and, if renewable companies are concerned, Holaluz is here to prove it. The electricity company that debuted in what was then known as MAB (now BME Growth) in November 2019 is sweeping its sector and is positioned as the listed renewable energy company that rises the most in the year.

The concern for sustainability and the environment is growing in recent times. More and more companies and clients are aware of the importance of developing policies and habits that lead us towards a greener world. This is why renewable companies continue to be strong and investors do not miss the opportunity to include them in their portfolios.

However, 2020 was a tough year that has undoubtedly affected the renewables sector with a considerable reduction in customers and contracts. The sector has had to emphasize even more the value of sustainability in times as complicated as the one we are living with this pandemic. In addition, the “boom” last year in the sector has taken its toll on many large companies in 2021.

Holaluz, 66% revaluation and historical highs in 2021

Within the instability that the market still has in 2021, Holaluz has managed to make good use of its resources and, despite being a small company, surpass the largest values ​​of renewables, a fact that makes the difference between the large listed Continuous Market and the small stocks of BME Growth. Only the company recently exited to the Continuous, Ecoener, achieves a positive annual revaluation with increases of 15%.

Holaluz, the renewable that rises the most in the stock market, is positioned with a accumulated of 66.04% per annum. Likewise, since March 2020, the value of the electric company’s securities has not stopped growing, reaching its all-time highs on April 23, with 13,700 euros per share at the close of the day.

In addition, the company is experiencing increases of 2% this Wednesday, being one of the most bullish stocks on BME Growth today and it has a current capitalization of 274.74 million euros.

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From Holaluz they show off their impeccable strategy, which they refer to as “unbeatable” and which has led them to be a small great value, “At Holaluz we do not sell electricity or solar panels, what we sell is a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and this means that we have the best customer satisfaction index in the market and that we are number one in consideration and recommendations ”, in the words of Carlota Pi, Co-Founder and Executive President of Holaluz.

In addition, Carlota Pi highlights the importance of customer training in the field of sustainability, “The more informed and more aware the consumer is, the more chances we have of becoming a Holaluz customer. We have a 66% consideration; two out of three customers who are thinking of changing their electricity company have Holaluz as the first option when they meet us ”.

Likewise, the renewable company leads the ESG Risk Rating ranking, which measures the sustainability of listed companies based on their environmental, social and corporate governance performance in the electricity companies category. “It has been a milestone in our history because we were born as an ESG company and we have in our DNA” enviromental, social and governance “and that a third party, worldwide in rating companies in terms of ESG, come, analyze us completely and “Let’s be the number one electric company in the world is a satisfaction, a pride and a joy”, sentenced the Executive President.

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