A sinkhole opens in the storm drain that runs through Querétaro


The Querétaro city council reported the detection of an undercut that opened in the El Arenal drain, at the height of the La Luna neighborhood.

According to the municipality, the affected area corresponds to the right-of-way of the same drain, which is under Federal jurisdiction.

It is an undermining on the slope of the drain, produced by the softening of the earth caused by the collapse of the pluvial collector, together with the leaks from a manhole that converges at the same point ”.

Due to the obvious risk that it represents for the users who occupy this passage – as a shortcut to the streets of the La Luna neighborhood – the Ministry of Public Works confirmed that it will schedule the repair of the undermining.

The repair will consist of the reconstruction of the manhole, replacement of approximately 30 meters of the tube of the collapsed rainwater network, as well as the wastewater and fillings inherent to the work.

Photo: special

Due to the complexity of the work, and the risk that exists for the works due to the rain forecasts, “it will be sought that the works begin as soon as possible, so restrictive signs will be installed to prevent circulation in the area” .

For the execution of the required works, the State Infrastructure Commission of the State Government will provide the machinery and equipment that is required for the work, in the effort that it is carried out in the shortest possible time.

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