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Sound is a very important part of any audiovisual experience. However, that does not mean that people with hearing disabilities are not fans of the cinema and do not have the right to experience it. That is why an organization in favor of the rights of deaf children has regretted that Paramount has not guaranteed enough subtitled functions of A Quiet Place Part II – 93% in the UK for this type of audience.

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According to IndieWire, the UK’s National Society for Deaf Children has released a statement lamenting that the study behind the expected A place in silence part 2 not guaranteed enough features with movie subtitles. This is what they said about the poor scheduling of copies of the film directed by John Krasinski that exist in that country:

Deaf people have as much right to enjoy the emotions of the cinema as people with hearing, but they remain unattended. Half of the cinemas do not offer functions with subtitles and for those that did, they did not offer them at convenient times. It’s a sad but common story for the millions of deaf people across the UK where closed captions are the holy grail rather than something we can count on.

As you surely remember, A Quiet Place – 98% just have a deaf protagonist. The character of the actress Millicent Simmonds, called Regan in fiction, gives life to a character with hearing impairment and this is an important element that Krasinski used to generate tension in different sequences of the original film, in which he uses silence to put to the viewer in her perspective. This makes it more embarrassing that there are not enough performances for deaf audiences and is something that the statement highlights.

The organization’s report explains that only 41 percent of UK cinemas offer subtitled shows and of that total about half are shows after six in the afternoon and very few occur are scheduled for the weekend. This makes it more difficult for deaf people to find a suitable role for them and enjoy the sequel that has received rave reviews.

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So far, the study has not commented on the lawsuit of this organization. The use of subtitles is a way in which the production companies can adapt to the deaf audience and bring them closer to the cinema. Not in vain, also in Mexico the subtitling of every film that is exhibited in the country has been made mandatory, this includes titles whose original language is Spanish, since it is considered the right of the public to have access to this type of functions .

A Quiet Place Part II – 93% continue with the Abott family story. Hours after their farm is stalked by the terrifying creatures that hunt humans through sound, the protagonists, with newborn in their arms, must find a new refuge and encounter a new kind of threat when they enter a town where there are still survivors. The film is already in theaters.

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