Surreal initiative of a Scottish club. Livingston, this country’s league team, he decided to ask on his official Twitter account if one of the goalkeepers of his team, Gary Maley (which ends contract in June), should or should not remain on the team.

05/27/2020 at 16:35


As they read. The entity has left in the hands of its followers, through the use of social media accounts, whether or not to renew contracts of the players in the squad. A controversial and controversial decision that is unknown if it will have more travel or will remain a mere anecdote.


Results in hand, the decision is clear. Followers have spoken and want the keeper to follow. Gary Maley, 38, will continue at the Scottish club for another year as more than 65% of voters (out of the more than 190,000 who answered the poll) wanted him to continue on the team.