A scientist points out January 25 as a key day

Today, many of the concerns that surround citizens are related to Christmas. Due to the pandemic, and in the absence of Health to communicate the restrictions that will be adopted for those dates so indicated, there are numerous experts who are committed to limiting contacts and reduce social interactions.

That is the case of Jose Luis Jimenez, one of the great specialists in aerosol transmission and who works as a professor at the University of Colorado. In an interview in Isanidad, he affirms that the priority it must be “save us”, since otherwise it would be “bread for today and pandemic for tomorrow.”

Key dates

Likewise, Jiménez points out several key dates on the Christmas calendar: “If we have good meetings on December 25, on January 25 we have a lot of dead, collapsed hospitals and a yo-yo of confinements. They confine us, they lower the cases, we relax, they raise the cases again and we return to the confinements. This is extremely destructive to the health and to the viability of the country. “

To offer a sample of what should be done, sets himself as an example, since his family is not going to meet with anyone that is not cohabiting nor will they travel during the holidays. In addition, make a request: “Above all not meet with grandparents, but do it online or go for a walk with them on those days and then dinner each one at home. “

Recommendations for public transport

Regarding the dangerousness of public transport, the scientist emphasizes that “if we can keep your distance and limit nearby contagion, wear masks well adjusted, talk as little as possible and transport has a ventilation reasonable, not very insecure. If we start crowd people, or we talk about very old vehicles that do not ventilate well or people speak or shout, becomes more dangerous. “