A Sanse with many casualties comes back against Osasuna B

Sanse’s second pre-season friendly and second victory, although this time against a less qualified rival than Toulouse. The donostiarras came back against Osasuna B in a match in which they were superior to a rival who started well, but ended up giving in to the multiple resources of a rival who shows punch and talent despite the many casualties he has had Xabi
Alonso for this match in which he could not count on Karrikaburu.

It was difficult for Sanse to link up with his most advanced men in the first quarter of an hour. The good pressure from Osasuna and a certain thickness hindered the advances txuri urdin that in the 17th minute they found a goal against in a rapid transition from Osasuna B that ended with Irurite giving the ball to the edge of the area to Adama
Boiro, which he cocked from the front, straining the ball into the squad of Zubiaurre. Golazo.

He both woke up those of Xabi
Alonso that, then yes, they began to generate real danger with Marton involved in most opportunities. Thus, at minute 23 a center of Ezkurdia, who played as a left back, ended with a header from the realistic forward that Bouquets pulled down. Just a minute later, an asset Lobete finished cross before changing bands with Ander
Martin to play both naturally.

Precisely Martin was in charge of executing a corner kick that Marton topped with a heel at the hands of Bouquets. And just a minute later the tip of the Sanse finished off a spur center that Bouquets stopped in two times, although the central Garriz innocently grabbed by the waist Marton when he tried to catch a rebound that was impossible, falling on the grass. The referee did not hesitate and pointed to a penalty that transformed his own Marton.

Sanse could have gone to rest ahead, but the centered shot of Kortajarena Ramos diverted it to a corner.


In the resumption, Xabi
Alonso introduced nine changes. Alone Lobete Y Blasco they stayed on the grass. Ortega it was the doorman, Peru
Rodriguez Y Arambarri the centrals, with Blasco moving to the right side and Zoilo, on the left. Aldasoro carried the handle of the team escorted by Robert
Lopez Y Magunazelaia, while Lobete Y Alkain they played in the extremes with MartinezSlab on point.

The second half started with fright, since Ortega he had to send a dangerous shot from outside the area to corner, although it was Sanse who continued to carry the weight of the game, although he reminded more of the team from the first quarter of an hour than that of the last section of the first half.

Alkain broke the monotony with an individual action in which he left behind two defenders inside the area to shoot and that Fernandez kick the ball out. Later, Xabi
Alonso put in the field Näis
Djouahra for Lobete and, given the shortage of troops due to the casualties, he returned to introduce in the field to Ezkurdia Y graceful to give rest to Blasco and replace a Alkain with any physical discomfort.

The second goal came in the 78th minute in an action in which Robert
Lopez first he failed in his shot attempt inside the area to regain himself and give the ball to Martinez-Losa, who shot the Navarrese goalkeeper at will. Then Djouahra was about to mark the third with a shot from outside the area that deflected Fernandez.

The rubric put it Robert
Lopez at the edge of the end with a fairly distant low shot that slipped next to the post surprising Fernandez. Good closing for a friendly that confirms the good feelings that the subsidiary transmits. Whoever plays.

Real Sociedad B: Zubiaurre; Carbonell, Blasco, Cantero, Ezkurdia; Gorrotxategi, Kortajarena, Garrido; Martín, Martón and Lobete. Ortega, Zoirlo, Roberto López, Arambarri, Aldasoro, Magunazelaia, Peru Rodríguez, Martínez-Losa, Alkain and Djouahra also played.

Osasuna B: Darío Ramos; Irurita, Dufur, Gárriz, Grande; Rabadán; Martínez, Huarte, Lorenzo, Boiro; and Martínez. Fernández, Mutilva, Yoldi, Azkona, Berruete, Soeiro, Bravo, Muñoz, Aguilar and Moreno also played.


0-1: Boiro (d. 17);

1-1: Martón, from a penalty (m. 36);

2-1: Martínez-Losa (d. 78);

3-1: Roberto López (d. 89).

Referee: Asier Martín.

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