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The great premiere of the season, which can be seen in theaters and on the Disney + platform is the animated film Luca. The famous company, through its Pixar studio, has released an endearing film about a couple of sea monsters that come to the surface in a coastal town in Italy in the 60s of the last century.

They want to know the world and discover everything that humans do on the surface. 22.- Unlike The Little Mermaid, the story that Disney premiered in 1989 and that was set in Denmark in the first half of the 19th century, here the Sea monsters can come to the surface, adopting a human image – and without losing their voice – as many times as they want. This makes the interaction of the sea characters with humans more natural and infinitely less tragic. The only thing that remains the same is that the aquatics must hide their real identity from the people they meet on the surface.33.- In reality, Luca is a warm summer story whose theme of “getting older” raises all those unforgettable experiences and anecdotes that children have just before they become teenagers. Its director, the Italian Enrico Casarosa, was based on his own experiences in his native Genoa, who lived with his best friend from childhood and adolescence, which makes the film extremely realistic.

In the plot, Luca Paguro explores the world with his friend Alberto Scorfano, both with very opposite personalities.

44.- The aesthetic of the film, produced with the huge budgets that Disney uses, is neat, detailed and pays tribute to the work of Federico Fellini and the warm atmosphere of Italy. Just like Coco, which was a story that took place in Mexico but that anyone could feel identified with the feelings of the characters, Luca is fully universal. Being sea monsters, the protagonists face challenges of tolerance and diversity with human beings who distrust everything that is different.

55.- It is right here where many people who declare themselves members of the LGBT community identify with history for having experienced situations and conflicts very similar to those faced by Luca and Alberto in the film. Theories immediately emerged that the young leads might be playing the first gay children’s movie. The scenes of great complicity and exciting adventures between the two characters of aquatic origin, were interpreted as a naive youth romance.

66.- A direct question in this regard, the director of the film stated: “It’s about a moment in children’s lives in which romance is still off their radar.” Still, being a story about acceptance and inclusion of those who are different, many see it as a way to teach children to understand that the world should include everyone, not just young, wealthy, straight, white people who they used to fill Hollywood productions.

77.- Obviously, Luca does not have explicit scenes or insinuations that the two children are feeling romantic attraction between them. They are only two kids whose greatest illusion is to get a Vespa type motorcycle to see the world. If some feel identified with their own sexual awakening, good for them! And if others prefer to avoid such interpretations, good for them, too! This is just what Luca is about: We are all valuable, equal, and of course lovable. Highly recommended.

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