A robot manages to make a paella without the supervision of a cook

The first paella created by a robot, capable of being prepared without the need for a chef’s supervision, arrives to revolutionize this dish and the catering sector itself, before which it has been presented at the H&T Hospitality Innovation Show, in Malaga.

The union of the companies “Be robot 5” (br5), which creates robotic arms, and “Mimcook”, which has paella pans with electric fire control, have made possible the preparation of this internationally recognized food, without the need for human intervention.

The robotic arm is responsible for introducing the culinary ingredients into the paella, stirring and flattening the rice, while the paellero itself stores the data of a chef when preparing a recipe, so it puts the fire at the necessary temperature at all times and controls the right cooking time.

The general director of br5, Enrique Lillo, has assured . that with this invention he intends to “robolve” the HORECA sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias) and states that this robot it allows people to “develop their creativity” and substitutes “tedious or repetitive” steps.

In addition, Lillo has pointed out that the robotic arm makes it easier for food to be handled by fewer people, which is considered good in times of covid; It reduces human risks when cooking, such as cutting or burning yourself, and it has force sensors that detect if there is a person it can harm.

The initiative attracts dozens of visitors every hour to the H&T Innova space, inside the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, where they taste this first paella made exclusively by a robot together with a glass of sangria or beer, also served by another mechanical arm capable of filling five canes in just 18 seconds.

The general director of Mimcook, Sergio Escolá, has explained to . that, with the technology that his paelleros have, “predictable” results will be obtained regardless of the person who makes the food, therefore, the entire team of the Chef can repeat the dish as the cook ordered the first time.

With the union of these two technologies, they manage to “free” the cook from “tasks that do not add value”, Escolá said, adding that the fire of the paella represents one of the “most complex” cooking that exists, but with this innovation can recreate an “always one hundred percent perfect” result.

This special chef can be found in the H&T Innova Hall, where technology is the protagonist. Another of the great attractions of this space are the Nairobi and Tokyo robots, which look like something out of a science fiction movie, but perform tasks typical of humans.

Nairobi, with a humanoid appearance, performs the functions of a stewardess and it is possible to interact with her by voice, while Tokyo, with a robotic body, maintains conversations, serves as a guide, can make reservations or serve tables, among many other possibilities offered by technology.

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