A riot in Paraguay’s main jail left at least six dead

A riot that took place this Tuesday in the Tacumbú prison, the largest in Paraguay, left at least six dead among the prison populationreported the prosecutor who entered the building after the release of the 18 guards taken hostage by a group of prisoners.

The prosecutor Giovani grisetti told reporters outside the prison that the bodies were taken to the judicial morgue and that the verification of the flags will continue, so it does not rule out that there may be more deaths.

The mutiny from inside the prison The mutiny from inside the prison

The agent of the Public Ministry he excused himself from offering further details on the conditions of the bodies.

Firefighters in the prison where the riot took place (EFE) Firefighters in the prison where the riot took place .

Sources of the Volunteer Firefighters quoted by the media indicated that some could be beheaded.

The prosecutor entered the building to inspect the facilities where the riot took place on Tuesday afternoon, after the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Perez, left the place after defusing the revolt with the release of the 18 guards held by the inmates.

Relatives of the inmates approached the prison (EFE) Relatives of the inmates approached the prison .

The minister told the media that the prisoners agreed to hand over the guards after demanding that “no retaliation be taken as a result of all this”, and indicated that they requested equality of procedure and internment conditions for the prisoners of Tacumbú and the country’s prisons.

Relatives of the prisoners (EFE) Relatives of the prisoners .

For their part, the riot leaders assured a television station that they allowed to enter that there were no injuries among the inmates or the detained guards, while the firefighters also expressed the same after smothering the flames in the burned area. .

The penitentiary “is very large and order was recently restored, so it is understood the difficulties of being able to carry out the work as one would like,” the prosecutor stressed, explaining that “there is a lot of information to process”.

The minister attributed the riot to a reaction of an organized sector against the transfer of a dangerous inmate after detecting an alleged escape plan that would have allowed the escape of several inmates.

Is about Efrén Orlando Benitez, a member of a dangerous gang of ATM robbers and money transporter, sentenced to 19 years in prison in January 2020.

Some media point out that the riot it could have been an action to cover up a confrontation between two important criminal groups for control of the prison.

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