The president of the Italian Football Federation does not want to hear about a cancellation of the Serie A season.

Faced with a historic crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, European football is struggling to speak with one voice. While most of the leaders are campaigning for a resumption of competitions in order to complete the current exercise, some on the contrary are asking for a final end to the season. This is particularly the case of the president of Brest in France or that of Brescia on the other side of the Alps.

“Resuming the championship would be crazy. If they force us to, I’m ready not to line up and lose all games 3-0 on the green carpet. Out of respect for the residents of Brescia and their loved ones who are no longer there, ”Massimo Cellino recently launched.

We would risk the Championship being played in the courts

An outcome which Gabriele Gravina, the president of the Federation does not want to hear about. The Italian football leader is indeed determined to see the Serie A season come to an end, even if it means waiting until September or October. This is what he confided in an interview given this Sunday to the show Domenica Sportiva.

“This is one of the assumptions. This would maintain the 2019-2020 season and not compromise the 2020-2021 season. We are working on a whole series of hypotheses to best manage this situation, “he said, adding that a cancellation of the season would generate” an avalanche of litigation “. “We would take the risk that the Championship would be played in the courts,” he added.

He still hopes to see the championship resume sooner. “May 17 is a possible date for resumption, but we know, and I emphasize again, that this is not an assumption. I trust the scientific and governmental authorities of our country. We have to stick to their decisions, ”he said.

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