A restaurant in Valladolid delights with its response to this comment

The comment the restaurant has responded to. (Photo: GOOGLE MAPS)

The Niza restaurant in Valladolid is one of the ones with the best reputation on the main opinion websites throughout the city. For example, it is the fourth with the best score on TripAdvisor and in Google it has a commendable 4.6 out of five. In addition, in recent months it has become a benchmark in terms of compliance with measures against the coronavirus.

That has also cost him some troubles. The last one just a few days ago, when a client gave them only a two out of five, arguing that the owners of the premises are too strict.

In fact, the diner says in her review that “the food is very good and the staff is very nice” but marisa that “the anti-covid measures are exaggerated.”

“It is very uncomfortable to go to a restaurant to have a leisure time and have to be with the mask on continuously except when you eat and they scold you if they do not have it on”, says the user, who affirms that “the tables have a distance enough ”so he does not understand“ so much caution unless your ventilation system is bad or null, it did not give that feeling ”.

“Because of my work, I have to eat almost every day in different restaurants and I have never encountered anything similar. I don’t think I’ll come back until this happens, it’s not worth it. I once again emphasize the kindness of the staff ”, the client says.

After that, the Niza restaurant took a screenshot of the comment and uploaded it to Twitter with the message: “No … it’s not worth it …”. And that tweet accumulates more than 3,700 ‘likes’ in one day.

In addition, another tweeter has responded by assuring that “he has said that he eats well and twice that the staff is very friendly.”

“It seems to me an excellent comment. Just note the theme of the masks. Indeed, I have not been to any restaurant where they force you to wear them, and I go to many ”, he adds.

And the restaurant’s response to that comment is also succeeding with more than 1,500 ‘likes’: “The problem is not that we are strict … the question is the laxity of the other establishments … we stick to what the sanitary regulations dictate, they would not criticize me for this matter … ”.

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In January, the same restaurant had a great impact on Twitter by saying that they had had a regrettable experience with their protocol against the coronavirus.

“Literally when telling him that he has to put on the mask, he has released pearls like: ‘It’s in very bad taste’, ‘I’m the client’ … we had to threaten to call the police,” said Nice, who added : “To all this, the lady, in front of her children, making fun of me and laughing at me and my colleagues … the tables that were around have witnessed her defiant and provocative character at all times … She ‘threatened’ with TripAdvisor …. “

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