A restaurant in Alicante is closed for having employees working with Covid

Last Friday an operation of the Local Police of Alicante had to close a restaurant in the city center that had six employees working, having tested positive for Covid, the cook being one of them.

When they arrived, the agents identified 35 people inside the establishment, 14 workers and 21 clients, who were evicted, and the premises were closed until Sunday. On Saturday the restaurant was inspected again and the person in charge was notified that the six positives cannot work. Finally, they were able to reopen on Sunday.

The Alicante Town Hall took out a press release in which they warned that both the manager and the cook face very serious penalties for not complying with the sanitary measures imposed by the Valencian generalitat. Talk later from 30,001 to 60,000 euros for both cases, although it may amount to 600,000 euros if cumulative.

First case in Alicante

“It is a very isolated case and the first that occurs in our city,” he said. Jos Ramn Gonzlez, the Security Councilor. In addition the Alicante Restaurant Association (ARA) vindicates the “responsibility and good work” of the majority of the group that makes up the sector, who have collaborated “from minute one”.

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