A restaurant gives its version of the story after this comment … and it is almost better to see it

The comment that prompted the restaurant’s response. (Photo: GOOGLE REVIEWS)

Ladies and gentlemen, go for some popcorn because a new epic battle between customers and restaurants is coming on opinion platforms. This time it has happened in the reviews that the diners leave in Google and that can be fundamental for the reputation of the businesses.

The place in question on this occasion is the Restaurant TT Taperia, located in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Tarragona, and which after 123 opinions has a commendable 4.3 out of 5.

Recently, however, a user has given it the lowest grade (one point) and has left a devastating phrase to summarize his stay there: “The boy, when he saw his hamburger, began to cry. I’m just saying that …. ”.

But the owners of the restaurant were not silent and their response has given much of itself on Twitter after it was published on that social network by the specialized account @soycamarero.

The place gave its version of events and the story changes substantially: “Hello! The boy started crying because you asked him for a mini burger (50g) and his older brother for a Wagyu (200g) after telling you 3 times that the mini burger was too small ”.

The auction is colossal: “I too would have started crying the truth. All the best!”.

The answer accumulates more than 500 ‘likes’ in a single day:

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