a resounding separation and a mysterious return

She Baila Sola (Marilia Casares and Marta Botía) at the Person of the Year awards in 2001. (Photo: GTRES)

Why did Ella Baila Sola split up? Or, said as they would sing it, why did a worm stop dancing in their guts? A whole generation of Spaniards who had songs like Amores de barra, When the toads dance flamenco or Woman florero as the soundtrack of their adolescence and youth in the 90s were shocked in 2001 when they announced their break as a duo … and They just got excited again when they learned that Marta and Marilia return 20 years later, at 46 years of age.

The mystery surrounds the reason for their separation, despite the fact that they came to give a press conference to announce it. As if she had a crystal ball, in October 2001 Marilia Andrés Casares —the brunette of the two— affirmed that it was not a definitive end, because “there is nothing definitive in this world”.

“There have been times when we have not supported each other,” admitted Marta Botía, who justified this statement because sharing everything at 50% “is burning.” “It is difficult to evolve and want the same,” added his former partner from that moment.

They did not clarify too much about the reasons, although it had been rumored that on their third album they already did everything separately, from singing in the studio, to posing for the cover or that they each traveled at their own pace. The two friends who met while studying COU in Madrid and who began forming the group The Just, singing in English, took different paths.

Marta chose to continue with the group but with different and successive musical couples, with whom she did not end very well: first Rocío Pavón, then with María del Mar García and later with Virginia Mos. Marilia was slow to return to the microphones, but in 2013 she returned with a solo album …

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