a religious scene was censored in Chile

The Simpsons suffered the elimination of an entire scene within Chile, which made fun of the Catholic and Christian religion at the same time.

You’d think The Simpsons didn’t have much material to censor, because unlike series like South Park, these have not done things so grotesque that some people may perceive as offensive.

But there is a particular scene that was censored on television in Chile and it is precisely a mockery of religion, although it is not the worst that has existed in the world.

It’s over, let’s fight!

When Homer and Marge are sentenced to death for being accused of a murder they did not carry out, we can see a scene where a Catholic priest approaches Marge to offer her comfort, to which she replies that they are not Catholic and he tells her that he hopes they enjoy their stay in hell. This occurs in episode 21 of season 13.

When this priest leaves the cell, he meets Reverend Alegría, who provokes him by telling him that he is wearing a nice dress, and when he responds by telling him to go to bed with his wife, they both begin to fight.

It is this scene that was censored and completely removed from television, more specifically, from Channel 13.

This happened basically thanks to the fact that it belonged to the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which means that they had a strongly conservative tendency and it is thanks to this that They could not show this scene within their programming, because the beliefs of the University prevented it. Control of Channel 13 by the aforementioned University ended in 2010.

Outside of this country and that channel, the scene was shown normally in all programming, so if you got to see it and this is strange to you, it is because it was not censored worldwide.

Now thanks to the internet and to the new transmissions is that those people who could not see this at the time, can now do it without problems.