‘A Quiet Place 2’: Aliens Come To Earth In This Exclusive Clip

On June 16, ‘A Quiet Place 2’, a sequel to the horror phenomenon directed again by John Krasinski, hits theaters. If in the first installment we met the Abbott family on the 89th day after the alien invasion, the new film will explore the arrival of aliens to Earth on day 1 in a large-scale flashback with a terrifying bloodbath that starts the story. To open our mouths to what awaits us shortly, we bring you an exclusive preview of that sequence with which ‘A quiet place 2’ begins and that will give fans answers to many of their doubts:

Part II again stars Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, joined by Cillian Murphy with a leading role. While ‘A Quiet Place’ revolved around the sacrifice of parents for their children, The sequel focuses on the children themselves and a family trying to overcome grief and loss as they continue their struggle to survive. This time we will not limit ourselves to a single scenario such as the farm and we will go out to explore a path full of dangers and threats with a newborn in a box.

The franchise expands

Although it has not yet been confirmed that ‘A Quiet Place’ will become a trilogy despite Krasinski’s plans, what is official is that the franchise will continue with a spin-off written and directed by Jeff Nichols that Paramount will premiere on March 31, 2023. It will be produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller and Krasinski himself, with Allyson Seeger in executive production.

‘A quiet place 2’ hits theaters on Wednesday, June 16, But in eCartelera you already have our review available that you can read here.

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