Cristina Cordula’s show is still going well. This time, the fluid pants are in the spotlight in “Les Reines du shopping”. But a candidate managed to get noticed in a completely different way by the voice-over of the show!

Joumana caught in flag

Since the start of the week, five candidates have been competing as usual in Les Reines du shopping. You know the principle of the M6 ​​show, each week the stylist Cristina Cordula gives a theme and a budget to respect. The candidates have 2h30 to do their shopping, then 20 min for the solo beauty.

The Queens of shopping: a queen of lies among the candidates!4 of the contestants for the Queens of shopping @ M6 of the week

This week, it’s about: Stylish with flowing pants. The show started Monday with the passage of Angélique. As always, the candidate first received the team at her home to do discover his dressing room. During the presentation of her many pairs of shoes (between 60 and 70 pairs), another candidate named Joumana, did not fail to put herself forward. The latter launched:

Same, I have between 60, yeah, and 80 pairs of shoes.

The voice-over immediately retorts:

In your dreams then, the truth will be Friday.

Followed by an excerpt from Friday’s show on Joumana. At home, in front of her shoes, she says:

I have about, let’s say, about fifty pairs of shoes.

And Bam ! If it hadn’t been for this montage, the lie would have gone unnoticed. Between Monday and Friday we would have forgotten, but that was without counting on the production of the show!

This is not the first time that a candidate has been noticed by a lie! Remember last April, Laurence had illustrated, but in another register.

The queens of shopping break records

Les Reines du shopping is a flagship program of the M6 ​​group. Since June 2013, the show is a hit with under 50s.

On November 11, 2019, Les Reines du shopping attracted 1.2 million viewers for a market share of 8.3%! It was the best audience of 2019 for the show.

Where to find the clothes of the Queens of shopping?

When we watch the M6 ​​show, we often criticize the candidates and their choices. Which is very easy behind your TV set! However, sometimes there are “pieces” that catch our eye. In these cases, we would like go shop them ourselves.

The Queens of shopping: a queen of lies among the candidates!The Queens of shopping: a queen of lies among the candidates!Joumana’s shopping

Never mind, on the 6play page of the show, in the section: store addresses, we find all the information you need to go shopping in the footsteps of the Queens of shopping!

Who is the voice of the Queens of Shopping?

In Les Reines du shopping, Cristina Cordula is accompanied byanother person who also made the show a success. It is obviously the voice over. Difficult to miss this voice during the show, because it is very present. She also swings a number of valves!

This is a comedian, named Herve Lacroix. His specialty is never to appear on the air. Indeed, the actor is specialized in voice over and dubbing. For the shows, we could hear him in particular in season 4 of Masterchef, The biggest Quiz in France, Lookalike or not lookalike, The laughing stars on stage …

#Voixoff session for Dalkia produced and orchestrated by WeAgency and recorded at Digital More voice extracts on

Posted by Hervé Lacroix – Voice Over Artist on Thursday July 23, 2020

On the dubbing side, the actor has dubbed characters in series like Mentalist, Dexter, or The experts Manathan. In the introduction to his CV we can read:

Trained during Simon and after having played in several plays, I discovered a few years ago a passion for the profession of voice over actor.
A passion that I have the chance to exercise in all its specialties (advertising, documentary, corporate film, trailer, radio dressing, audio books…) while dubbing series and films.

We invite you to discover below, a video of the best moments when the voiceover remained speechless !