A prototype of the Sony Vision-S begins its first public tests in Austria [vídeo]

The Sony Vision-S has started its tests in real conditions. The Japanese firm has transferred prototypes of the exclusive electric car to Austria, where it has been conducting tests on private circuits and on public roads. One more step to see the first model of the electronics brand hitting the roads.

The Japanese giant of the PlayStation said to the thread of the presentation of the concept car of its electric car, which was a mere design exercise and a sample of Sony’s capacity, but that I had no intention of bringing it to production. A big mistake for all those who believed those words, especially from a manufacturer who claimed to have no experience – which is true – but with potential to spare.

And that’s it is demonstrating it in Austria, where it has started testing the Sony Vision-S on public roads with at least one prototype dressed in camouflage, and also on the private test circuits of the partners that have been sought. Destined, they say, to «evaluate Sony security and technologies». In fact, it comes as no surprise when last summer he confirmed that he expected to start rehearsals before the end of 2020.

The luxurious Sony Vision-S, the electric car, travels the roads of Austria in tests

The Sony Vision-S is a luxury electric that has great potential to reach a series production

Of course, the partners that have been sought in the project do have experience: Continental, ZF, Bosch and Magna, one of the most important engineering consultants and manufacturers in the world, based in Austria, one of the candidates to make this model. It is enough to see that the prototype is closer to series production, so these tests only confirm that it will arrive sooner rather than later.

Sony’s electric car is a sports saloon with a modern design, which will offer a interior for four passengers, equipped with the most advanced technology – self-developed – for safety and comfort on board. The firm has already advanced that it has 33 CMOS and LIDAR image sensors with laser for the exterior and the different security systems, in addition to another series of sensors inside that constantly monitor passengers, and that detect their presence in the passenger compartment. In addition, Sony also implemented a permanently upgradeable artificial intelligence.

With a large screen occupying the dashboard and additional screens installed in the front seatbacks, the electric future will also offer high power, with two electric motors that will deliver a maximum power of 400 kW, approximately 544 hp, and all-wheel drive. A configuration capable of reaching 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds, from a standstill.

Sony plans real-world test drives of the Vision S before the end of 2020Sony plans real-world test drives of the Vision S before the end of 2020