Although when it comes to learning and specialize in a programming language you have to see which are the 10 or 20 most popular in the market to ensure good customer demand throughout our professional lives, the truth is that sometimes there are programming languages ​​focused on a very specific niche that can make us gold .

In the IEEE Spectrum report on most used programming languages ​​in 2020 figure COBOL, a 60-year-old programming language that has risen among the most popular in an astonishing way due to the coronavirus crisis.

And it is that COBOL, which is a business-oriented language, was created in 1959 to create a universal programming language to be used on any computer and that was mainly oriented to business, and government agencies such as unemployment benefit systems in the United States, which has been using this language since time immemorial.

Learn a programming language It is not easy and requires many years of our life, and therefore knowing how to specialize in the right one and that we like at the same time, can assure us a job.

This event has caused that during the last weeks, the tension to which these computers of the unemployment benefit systems have been involved in the United States, has caused falls and thousands of specialized COBOL programmers have been required, as it was many years ago. it didn’t happen.

Still, COBOL has figured in the number 43 in this ranking of IEEE Spectrum, but it is extremely interesting to see that practically a defenestrated programming language has returned to be among the most popular during the coronavirus crisis.

IEEE Spectrum is based on 11 metrics from eight sources including CareerBuilder, GitHub, Google, Hacker News, IEEE, Reddit, Stack Overflow and Twitter, to capture this classification in which Python is again in the first place, followed by Java and the different variants of C. If we compare it with the same table from last year, it is practically traced, with what the trend in programming languages ​​has hardly changed in the last 12 months.

We review the history of programming languages ​​from the first of 1801 to the most recent. Throughout history there have been many programming languages ​​and compilers to “interpret” those languages, and these are the most important.

Other programming languages ​​that appear quite strongly in this classification are Dart, SQL, PHP, Assembly, Scala, HTML, Kotlin, Julia, and RustMany of them are emerging languages ​​that are expected to continue to rise in the coming years, such as Kotlin.

This is the IEEE Spectrum classification of the most used programming languages ​​so far this year:

Python 100.0 Java 95.3 C 94.6 C ++ 87.0 JavaScript 79.5 R 78.6 Arduino 73.2 Go 73.1 Swift 70.5 Matlab 68.4 Ruby 66.8 Dart 65.6 SQL 64.6 PHP 63.8 Assembly 63.7 Scala 63.5 HTML 61.4 Kotlin 57.8 Julia 56.0 Rust 55.6

[Vía: zdnet]