A “productivist” profile aligned with the country’s energy objectives

The OETEC Energy Observatory celebrated the appointment of the national deputy Pablo Gonzalez as the new president of the national-flag oil company, after the confirmation of the departure of William Nielsen, which will materialize in the coming days.

« In front of YPF We need people who know the field, who understand the strategic role of this company, who re-impel it from production, and who conceives it aligned with the country’s energy interests ”, he said. Bethlehem Ennis, director of the aforementioned Observatory.

Likewise, they described Guillermo Nielsen’s as « erratic management ». « We Argentines do not need a YPF that functions as if it were a purely private company. We have 51% of the share package and the leadership of the flagship oil company. It is the energy interests of the 45 million compatriots that must guide it, ”Ennis said.

In the same vein, he added: « It is clear that the economist Nielsen was not the right person to guide YPF under these parameters. »

For this reason, « we celebrate the appointment of González as its new president, someone who knows the sector and who we hope will be the one to definitively rescue the oil company from the debacle suffered between 2016 and 2019 ».

We celebrate the appointment of Pablo González as president

« It was very sad to see how the macrismo was destroying YPF, » Ennis continued. « Now we have the consequences of this policy. Between 2015 and 2019, the gas production of the national oil company fell by 10% and that of oil almost the same, 9.4%. The closure of wells is not from now, it comes from 2018 ”, He specified.

It was sad to see how the macrismo was destroying YPF

The words of the director of the OETEC Observatory coincide with the line of thought of Pablo González. Months ago, the national deputy told this journalist that YPF « had missed his role. »

He had also expressed his opinion in favor of making a new hydrocarbon law, « not like Aranguren’s hydrocarbon policy », which « was disastrous, » said González at that time.


In relation to 2020, according to the OETEC, YPF had a production drop of 6.2% in oil and 17.5% in gas (accumulated to November). Likewise, the company’s share in both productions does not improve and in the case of gas it fell 3 points (it went from 30% in November 2019 to 27% in 2020).

For this reason, “before reporting improvements in the material of YPF’s summer balls, as Nielsen was proud to do, we must strengthen it so that it achieves a greater role in Dead cow, and at the same time, recover investments beyond it, that is, in the producing provinces and basins that were mired in abandonment with the management of Miguel Gutierrez, president of the company with Macri ”, said Ennis.

In this sense, Ennis argued that “achieving agreements like YPF-Chevron (2013) or YPF-Petronas (2014) will be important. YPF does not need to make large investments, by providing the personnel and knowledge, good negotiations can be made ”.

OETEC considered that Pablo González has a more “productivist” profile and will know how to “attend to the company’s central issues from a completely different perspective than Nielsen, who had a much more financial, even real estate, vision of the problem (land sales of the UNAJ or the tower of Puerto Madero) ”.

To conclude, Ennis concluded: “It is time to re-boost YPF, to stop its downward trend in oil and gas and to return to the path of investment in production. We need an active YPF, positioned in the sector as the main actor and fully aligned with the country’s energy objectives ”.

For their part, other sectors referenced in the energy issue also showed their agreement with the arrival of the former vice-governor of Santa Cruz between 2015 and 2019. The main arguments used are that they know the sector, in addition to the references to the defense profile of national energy resources.

For now, the officialization of González at the head of YPF is a matter of days. As already advanced The Austral Opinion, the deputy has already spoken with President Alberto Fernández.