A production error revealed Adamari López’s bra on her back

Adamari Lopez She is still in the eye of the hurricane because of how skinny she is and because of her separation from the Spanish dancer Toni Costa. However, this time what has caught everyone’s attention are not the two previous points but a wardrobe mistake made by the show’s production. Apparently they would have made a story to the Instagram account of the Telemundo program, Hoy Día, with Adamari behind the camera from a room that seemed to be the master control and the shot they did It revealed Adamari’s bra with the dress open at the back.

But those who carry it on the networks of the program were batteries and they knew, according to “Gossip No Like”, to be able to cut the first part so that it was hardly noticeable. Still, Javier Ceriani’s vision of Águila he did manage to capture the wardrobe and production error. So they evidenced the exact moment when “La Chaparrita” her bra is seen in an opening in the back area of ​​the dress she was wearing.

“Please take care of her a little bit. Since she had surgery and everything was done, take care of her … You know what it costs to lower what she lost at age 50 ”, said Ceriani. To which his partner, Elisa Beristain said: “She is beautiful.”

(Go to minute 44:40)

It is not known for sure if the dress was open or if the design was like that. What If it was evidenced, it was that it did not look good and much less to publish it on Hoy Día’s Instagram account. “La Chaparrita” you could see her bra and the two ear monitors or perhaps the wireless microphones. But we are clear that Adamari would never have agreed to expose this, because she is always a whore in white.

As for their separation, things seem to be taking their course peacefully. Adamari López has attended several family events with her daughter, Alaïa. He is also sticking to his diet and exercising daily and the evidence is obvious.

For her part, Toni Costa, despite supposedly not living in the house she shared with Adamari, looks for Alaïa at school every day and later takes her to the activities she has in the afternoon. He was also in California teaching Zumba classes and already has a full schedule of future classes.

Everything indicates that this couple is perhaps developing a new way of relating from the separation and it is from respect and, as they both made clear, for the well-being of the one who will unite them forever, their daughter Alaïa Costa.

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